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Traffic rental cars in Rethymnon, Chania Agia Marina, Chersonissos, Heraklion, Elounda

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Traffic Car Rentals was founded by Manolis Vogiatzakis in 1986, when he was a 23 years old young man and aimed to work seriously with tourism and to provide high quality car models and services in the new market around those days in Crete.

The name "TRAFFIC" was inspired by the continuous movement of the company's vehicles and the "furious turtle" the logo of "traffic", which aimed to make us think about the Greek myth about the race between the turtle and the hare.

Our rental cars company started with one office at the main road of Hersonissos, and just 10 cars and following a period of impressively rapid growth, the company became the market leader in the field of car hire on Crete.

One of the company's greatest advantages is the continuous replacement of the fleet with the latest car models on the market, modern cabriolets and mini-vans and exclusive luxury cars (which only a few international companies possess).

After a long term cooperation with large tour operators like TUI HOLLAND INTERNATIONAL, FENIX, ARGO, FRANCOROSSO, SUNWORLD , SUNRISE, SUNTREX, LIBRA, e.t.c., and a lot of famous and luxury hotels all over Crete, like RETHYMNO PALACE, ROYAL BELVEDERE, ALEXANDER BEACH ,SIRENS BEACH , HERSONISSOS MARIS, CHRISTINA , e.t.c. we can guarantee for the liability of our company.

All our employees speak English, German and many of them French, Italian , Dutch and even Chinese and they can give you all the answers you need about travel on Crete.

We have service points all over Crete (Heraklion, Rethymno, Chania, Chersonissos - 3 different offices - and Sissi), and our friendly and willing staff can help you every day.

We offer you the most competitive prices of the market, our flexible rental terms (you can even split the rental days, depending from the season and the car types) and high insurance policy, as well as our good intentions to serve you.

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